Madeira Athletics

At The Madeira School, we believe that interscholastic athletics are part of the total educational experience. We feel that student-athletes are individuals first and foremost, and we will do our best to assist them in growing and developing into independent, strong young women who can succeed at life.


Interscholastic athletics puts the student-athletes in a demanding and competitive environment that challenges them physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is our conviction that the skills and strategies learned through athletic competition are valuable tools which may be used to enrich the lives of the student-athletes, as participation in sports is an integral part of the culture in which we live.


Madeira Athletics inspires the development of strong competitors while instilling the intangible qualities of leadership and a commitment to becoming part of something greater than oneself.


Madeira Athletics will build a culture that allows each individual the opportunity to reach their highest level of personal achievement through a commitment to leadership development, teamwork and discipline.

Core Values

Contribution and Commitment
Positive Mistake Response
Respect and Gratitude




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Oct 4

Senior Day

4:00pm — home Varsity Soccer

Varsity Field Hockey at Flint Hill School

4:15pm — away Varsity Field Hockey

Junior Varsity Tennis at Flint Hill School

4:15pm — away Junior Varsity Tennis

Varsity Tennis (Fall) vs. Flint Hill School

4:15pm — home Varsity Tennis (Fall)

Virginia Academy

4:15pm — home Junior Varsity Volleyball

Junior Varsity Soccer vs. Flint Hill School

5:30pm — home Junior Varsity Soccer

Virginia Academy

5:45pm — home Varsity Volleyball
Oct 6

Varsity Field Hockey vs. Potomac

4:00pm — home Varsity Field Hockey

Varsity Cross Country at Holton-Arms School

4:00pm — away Varsity Cross Country

Varsity Tennis (Fall) at Maret School

4:15pm — away Varsity Tennis (Fall)

Junior Varsity Volleyball vs. Potomac

4:15pm — home Junior Varsity Volleyball

Varsity Volleyball vs. Potomac

5:45pm — home Varsity Volleyball
Oct 7

Junior Varsity Tennis at Episcopal High School

4:15pm — away Junior Varsity Tennis

Junior Varsity Soccer vs. Brookewood School

4:15pm — home Junior Varsity Soccer

Saint James School

4:30pm — away Varsity Field Hockey

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Athletics on Vidigami

Riding at Madeira

For the past 70 years, the equestrian program has been an important part of the athletic curriculum at Madeira. 

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